A downloadable game for Windows

You and a middle aged man, Jim, wake up one day only to find that your wife and children are infected! They have been infected to the unknown "D - Virus" created by the Parassol Corporation. No one knows about the disease, and those who do know about it are infected. This disease puts people into a "Brain Dead" type of state. But how are you and Jim not infected? Well, this disease only infects people with a certain chemical brain structure. This brain structure is very common and 99.99% of people have it. You and Jim both realize that there are other not infected yet by this virus. Little do both of you know that these people are long gone, infected or eaten by the cruel zombies! Yet you still decide to look for others alive, roaming through houses and abandoned buildings, killing zombies and making a bloody mess along the way! After only little time, your player tells Jim that he hates doing this! Killing people he saw only days ago, perfectly fine! Your player abandons Jim, and decides to make his own choices; finding a cure to this infectious virus!

Many updates are soon to come!

Install instructions

The download given is an installer. Download the file, run it, then click "run anyway" is a security message pops up. This file is 100% secure.


Warcraze Installer