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King of the Craze is a work in progress top down shooter. The game is being developed by Gamerev Productions in our primary engine, Game Maker Studio 1.4 Stable Edition. We've been working on King of the Craze for about six months with many more to come. At this current moment, the game is in a stable condition to play.  

King of the Craze in its current state is offline with expert programmed BOTS. The BOT's skill level is based on what level the player has achieved. There will be many BOT updates in the future and possibly online multiplayer. At the moment, however, it is strictly offline. But don't let this turn you away! These BOTS are programmed to move and shoot just how an online opponent would. BOTS, however, are not the only feature; there are many more in its current state and many more features to come.

Online Highscores allow you to compete with friends and other players around the world. In the future, monthly leagues will be held to see who will be crowned King of the Craze!

  • Expert Programmed BOTS (difficulty of bots is based on level of player)
  • 3D Top Down View (HD Textures)
  •   5 Game Modes including: Free for All, Capture the Flag, Plant the Bomb,  Base Point Capture, and King of the Hill
  • Fully functional leveling system
  • 3 main weapons including: Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun
  • Throwables including: Grenades, Flash-Bangs, and Molotovs
  • Advanced damaging system and dynamic blood splats
  • Instantaneous Bullets
  • Realistic Hit-Registration (2 hit marker options: classic or new)
  • Sniper Mode [CTRL]
  • Fully functional options menu with many options for graphics
  • Strategically planned out maps [2D and 3D maps]
  • Medical kits and armor
  • Medical Boxes and Ammo Boxes
  • HD textures and graphics
  • External map editor
  • Custom map support

Please donate to further help the production of King of the Craze!

Install instructions

Download the .rar file of King of the Craze. Extract the file. Run the .exe file titled: King of the Craze.

The folder the game comes in is a folder used to monitor maps and settings. Custom maps will be placed into this folder.


King of the Craze Early Access.zip 27 MB

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